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Welcome to our first blog, here we will be keeping you updated on relevant industry news, our company developments and answering any questions you may have.

Firstly we’d like to introduce ourselves to you and explain a little about what we do as we realise our complex services can become lost in translation which leaves some people frustrated and confused.

Quite simply occupational hygiene is an essential scientific service that protects workers from potential health risks in the workplace. Our job is to ensure that any exposure to hazardous substances or health risks is minimised or eliminated to prevent diseases or injuries occurring.

The People behind the Label

Occupational hygienists come from a myriad of scientific backgrounds and have chosen to use their academic achievements and work experience to improve the conditions of workers thus decreasing mortality rates and increasing the overall health of our working population.

Our hygienists have enjoyed successful careers in the health, scientific and engineering industries as most are fully trained doctors, nurses, engineers, physicists and chemists.

How Do We Do It?

Now you know who and what we are we’d like to take you behind the scenes to show how we minimize and eliminate hazards to health. Many people describe occupational hygiene as “a combination of science and engineering that enhances the health of the human worker”.

We have a range of skills that we bring together to provide a bespoke and holistic service ensures safety in the workplace. We choose the best techniques and tests for the company in question to gain the results that can then be acted upon to eliminate risk and increase overall health.

We Effectively Assess:

  • Noise pollution to minimize the risk of hearing loss and to satisfy neighbours when seeking planning permission or quelling nuisance complaints
  • Air quality to help eradicate or minimise dangerous substances or bacteria in the air
  • Hazardous substances to provide advice on the suitable controls such as ventilation equipment face masks or protective clothing. We also provide face fit assessments to ensure
    ventilation is optimized through the fitting of a face mask.
  • Vibrations from the use of machinery to minimise the potential for afflictions such as vibration white finger.
  • Employees to determine if their surroundings and working environment has already had ill effects on their health.
  • Fire and explosion to ensure all measure comply with the Dangerous Substances and Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) and the Fire Safety (Regulatory Reform) Order.
  • Computer users to ensure repetitive injuries, strains and illnesses through sitting at a desk staring at a monitor don’t affect their health.

Why Does a Company Use You?

In today’s working world there is no need to accept fatalities or illnesses of workers as science has all the information it needs to protect the health of every member of staff. Miners now expect to stay healthy while construction workers understand the hazards of unearthing asbestos fibres.
As well as protecting the immediate and future health of employees our services also benefit clients as they:

  • Reduce the possibility of prosecution and fines from not following the government guidelines.
  • Reduce the amount of sick leave employees take
  • Reduce the liability and therefore the chance of litigation
  • Reduce overall costs through fewer penalties along with a healthier working team
  • Increase employee morale by investing in the future of their health
  • Provide potential tax relief to companies that choose to use occupational health support.

If you’d like more details about any of our services, qualifications, assessments or benefits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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